Unit 26 Thingwall Road, Irby, Wirral, CH61 3UE | info@unitedtraining.co.uk

Unit 26 Thingwall Road, Irby, Wirral, CH61 3UE | info@unitedtraining.co.uk

VCA Training


Offers you a more flexible, cost effective way of studying for your VCA exam, you choose where & when you study. For example if you have a busy, dynamic work schedule, or family life or maybe you wish to take advantage of spare time during traveling just open your online account and away you go. The e-learning has test exams at the end of each section to give a good indication if you have a good enough understanding of that chapter of the VCA. This way you can be sure that you are at a level to pass the exam. Also if the test exam is failed, it lets you know where you need to focus more attention on. When you have reached a point that you are confident to sit the exam you can book an exam with us at a time that suits you.


Examinations: We have 3 exams a day in the Holiday Inn Liverpool on our selected Exam dates. The Hotel has excellent transport links and many places to stay and visit. Our exam times are Available Here.

*Candidates are advised to book courses/exams in advance of work assignments. United Training endeavour to issue online access to a portal which will confirm VCA qualification and allow access to sites within 2 working days, however this can not be guaranteed. United Training will issue hard copies of certificates and VCA cards within 28 working days. 

Contact United Training:

If you have any questions or for more information, please call +44(0)151 909 3102 and one of our team will get back to you. Alternatively, email: info@unitedtraining.co.uk

What is VCA?

VCA is short for ‘Checklist Environment, Health and Safety for Contractors’ and is a mandatory certification for anyone wishing to work in industrial and construction situations within the Benelux (Holland, Belgium & Luxemburg). It is a widely accepted and recognised qualification throughout mainland Europe, UK and further afield such as the middle-east.

Implemented in 2004, VCA was derived to bring a HSE standard into the job market for all employees and contractors working in possible hazardous situations. VCA VOL (VCA**) empowers the barer to hold in his possession a work permit and is a mandatory certification for any who is self-employed.

BASIC (VCA*) is the lower level of VCA and is intended for employees of a company who are in no position of leadership and or management. Anyone who only holds the VCA* certification is not permitted to hold a work permit in his/her name.


Why VCA?

With your VCA certificate , you can demonstrate to potential employers / Customers that you have a knowledge of EHS (Health, Safety & Environment) as required by local authorities and site owners. With this qualification, you also indicate that you observe safe working practices, the health and safety of yourself and of those in your working area whilst also bearing in mind the Environment.

With a VCA certificate from United Training Ltd, together with your valid form of required ID, you will be able to access hazardous working environments with ease and will make your application for your gatepass a much more relaxed and simple process.


At United Training we offer training ( both classroom & e-learning ) and official VCA exams that take place at our location in Liverpool by our official Dutch VCA partner. It is possible to acquire the VCA* (Basic) certification at United Training , however we only offer VCA* BASIC as an e-learning option and exam. As we focus on the developments & future of the employment market, a noticeable factor is that more & more employees are on a freelance basis. The VCA** certification entitles the holder to possess a work permit and they may be responsible for others working under his/her supervision. As a freelancer often only works under his own supervision he/she is always required to be in possession of a minimum VCA**(VCA VOL) certificate.

For both VCA* & VCA** a training course ( online or classroom) is required followed by an exam that takes place at our training location in Liverpool. 

Become an E-Learner | Take a look at our Training Courses Online

All of our trainers at United Training Ltd are time served engineers and safety professionals that have worked with staff and management on many projects around the world. They have been involved with the planning and implementing of large high risk projects across many sectors and have the knowledge and experience to realise the importance of VCA training.

We have teamed up with the largest VCA training/exam organisation in the Netherlands and whether you opt for the classroom training or eLearning, our trainers are available to provide support and guidance throughout your learning experience.

Our training is designed to suit you and your learning style. Our courses are interactive and our trainers encourage group participation to ensure that the training is delivered in a comfortable yet professional manner.

Our training courses and exams are easy to book online. Our online e-learning courses have test exams at the end of each section to give a good indication of the level of understanding of that chapter of VCA. Also if the test exam is failed, the course highlights the area that needs more attention.

The training courses are run from a well equipped location that is easily accessible from main travel routes.

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